School campus Master Plan

Boston College High School

BC High Campus Master Plan

In 2022, Eck MacNeely Architects was brought on to help Boston College High School draft a campus master plan.

Phase 1

  • Soften edges of campus with landscape architecture, welcome signage, and fencing
  • Construct a new stadium at Cotter Field/Keohane Track including restrooms and concession facilities
  • Relocate maintenance equipment to a new Maintenance and Facilities Building

Phase 2

  • Renovate McElroy Hall¬† to include a modern HVAC system and upgraded restrooms
  • Create a Wellness Center
  • Expand the Trapilo Weight Room and Strength and Conditioning space including locker rooms
  • Build a Natatorium

Phase 3

  • Build a Learning Laboratory/Innovation Hub
  • Build a Hockey Rink